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EverDoc is a useful tool with which you can manage all your documents and archive them into a useful calendar, so you can access them in an organized way and in categories.

Organized by dates, accessing your files becomes much faster and easier than if you had to look for them in between hundreds of folders and subfolders in your system. EverDoc presents itself as a comprehensive documents library, which you can protect from third parties by using a password and making safety copies, keeping all your important data safe.

It lets you preview the content of each file, page by page, and assign tags in order to organize groups of documents. It also has a tiny search option through which you can find any file, even if you don't know its exact date or the tag you added to it.

In short, EverDoc is a simple way to organize and look for the documents that you need, without having to create a huge number of folders and subfolders.

Trial version lasts 30 days.

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